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When it comes to the weather, we are on the sunny side in Badenweiler

Even the Roman troops that passed through here 2,000 years ago thought the weather to be a phenomenon: They were north of the Alps and were enjoying weather that was almost as magnificent as it was in Rome... The Romans found the warm springs and they didn't wait, but rather started building a thermal bath right away. The legion town "AquaeVillae" was born. Today it's known as Badenweiler...

The Roman soldiers are history. What remains is the mild climate that has given the area its nickname, "Tuscany of Germany". Cypresses thrive here, as well as cedar and orange trees. It seems to be a whim of nature that we have about 1,700 hours of sun per year to make our lives more comfortable. 

To the north and east, Badenweiler is protected by the 1,165 m high mountains. We are in the wind shadow of the Black Forest. Add to that: The Weiler Valley opens to the Burgund Gate in the south. This sends the Mediterranean winds in our direction – even palm trees feel at home here. It's best to come and see for yourself! Pay us a visit and fall in love with this piece of Italy in Germany. The weather in Badenweiler in the Black Forest is perfect for it!