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Take a Trip – a Short Holiday in the Black Forest

A short break in the Black Forest: Visit the Romantik Hotel zur Sonne

A quick trip to the Black Forest offers a true treasure trove of experiences, little wonders and unforgettable memories and is a wonderful change from everyday life! Even if it's only a short break from the daily grind. If you're travelling in the southern Black Forest, a world of possibilities in nature opens up to you, a cornucopia filled with cultural events. Guests can choose to wear themselves out with sport activities or give themselves over to the epicurean delights and enjoy the wines of the region.

Our region has been completely shaped by its wine. Rolling hills nestle up to meadows and valleys. The landscape radiates a wonderfully cosy atmosphere. Nature treats the people, the flora and the fauna, well here. The sun pampers this landscape more than others – and ensures that we always have rich harvests. The thermal springs in the Markgräflerland region make this 3-country area of Germany more than complete. A region for more than a moment – a region that you will want to return to!

Sport, culture, pleasure and health: Find everything you need for a short break in the Black Forest

You can enjoy so many possibilities for arranging your short break in the Black Forest. Take a discovery tour to the most beautiful places in the Markgfäflerland region.  Go in for sports from A as in "angling" to T as in "Trekking cycle", which you can use to explore this fabulously beautiful stretch of land along the Upper Rhine River.

It's no wonder that literati such as Anton Tschechow or Annette Kolb, painters like August Macke or musicians like Fritz Neumeyer and Bradford Tracey always found their way back here. On the one hand, because the history of the Markgräflerland region is a mirror to the eventful history of all of Europe and the Roman Empire. On the other hand, because traditions and customs come to life here and mostly because the nature and climate are beneficial to the people. The Markgräflerland region is a part of the Health Region Freiburg, a cluster initiative that crosses economic sectors and strengthens the medicinal and health tourism in the region.

PS: There's more than one reason to take a short break to the Black Forest. Our personal promise to you: We switch out life's seriousness for its joviality. We give you a piece of home far away from everyday life. Light, tranquillity and bright joy for all of your senses. That radiating moment that belongs to you alone. And at the end of this journey into the light, your soul will smile.