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Moments for Eternity in our Romantik Hotel in the Black Forest

Germany's Tuscany – and our Romantik Hotel in the Black Forest is right in the middle of it

The woods are nearby; the Kurpark and the Cassiopeia Therme are just a few steps away from our hotel in the Black Forest. A Romantik Hotel in Baden-Württemberg could not be in a better location! After all, we have almost 1,700 hours of sun every year and the Black Forest and our altitude at 425m ensure a mild climate. There is a reason we are called the "Tuscany of Germany". Welcome to the Mediterranean flair in one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Germany. 

If Badenweiler is the right choice for the southern moments in life, then our Romantik Hotel in the Black Forest is the right choice for southern moments with a touch of romance and a bit of Mediterranean lifestyle, allowing us to relax so wonderfully.  Here in the Romantik Hotel zur Sonne in the Black Forest, memories are created which you will cherish forever. "It's great that you're here" – that's the feeling you get the moment you arrive. It's great that we can pamper you with personal space and complete peace. It's wonderful that we can do something special for you with our culinary delights in our Vinoteca & Trattoria La Cantinella. All of the gentle Mediterranean touches come together here for a culinary enlightenment for connoisseurs. Including Italian wines, of course....

Take time for yourself – in our Romantik Hotel in the Black Forest

Stay a while longer with us! Get to know what it means, when everyday habits dissolve. A stroll through our garden with a hot cup of tea in the morning, or a pause at the stream, watching the slow flow of the river and give yourself up to the moment.

We want to get to know you! The team at our Romantik Hotel in the Black Forest is looking forward to your visit!

PS: Take a look at our calendar! Or even better: Make a sun calendar out of it. It's time for your time to belong to you alone. The best place for that is in our Romantik Hotel in Baden-Württemberg!