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Your Trattoria in Badenweiler: La Cantinella

A piece of Italy comes to life in the "Italian in Badenweiler"

Our restaurant La Cantinella, which means "little cellar" in Italian, has earned the name ÔÇ×Trattoria" in Badenweiler. Compared to many other restaurants, the atmosphere here is familiar and rural.┬á The typical hospitality in Italy can be found in the traditional Italian recipes: a down-to-earth and honest cuisine with the best Italian ingredients from antipasti to dolce & formaggio.

In 2003 we opened our Vinoteca & Trattoria La Cantinella and since then we have become the "Italian in Badenweiler". At glance at our menu awakens childhood memories from Italy... a shining wooden table, lemons, fresh garden herbs. A steaming pot of pasta on the table and above all: a love for convivial meal in the family circle...

Buon Appetito, your ÔÇ×Italian in Badenweiler"

Trattoria and Vinoteca in Badenweiler: A Foray into Italy's wine region

A trip through Italy leads us to unique wine regions with distinctive wines and vintners. A selection of these wines with differing characters can be found on the wine menu in the Vinoteca & Trattoria La Cantinella.

We wish you happy hours in the warm summer nights on our Mediterranean terrace or in a convivial circle in our quaint little cellar in the Vinoteca & Trattoria in Badenweiler La Cantinella.

Italian lifestyle at home

A bit of Italian lifestyle for your own kitchen at home with Mediterranean specialties from our own olive oil to pasta and wine. And all of a sudden wonderful memories of our trattoria in Badenweiler awake...

Opening hours - Visit La Cantinella

Opening hours Vinoteca & Trattoria in Badenweiler:

At the moment La Cantinella is taking a winter break.

But if you're looking for a suitable location for an event with 15 or more persons, contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Information under: +49 7632 75080. Please reserve a table in advance.