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Cassiopeia Therme

The Black Forest gives us the water in the Cassiopeia Therme – Even the Romans new how to utilize it

A spa is like balsam for your soul – in the Cassiopeia Therme you can enjoy this close to our hotel.  Health & well-being join together here, and body and soul find their way back to each other and relax, reminding guests of Goethe's words: "Do stay with me, oh moment, you are so fair!" You will find this moment in the direct vicinity of our hotel: in the Cassiopeia Therme!

Let yourself go in the warm thermal water and feel its healing powers. It certainly has a special power, taken from the layers of rocks in the Black Forest on its way to the surface. 

In the sauna landscape in the Cassiopeia Therme, you can feel just how soothing and relaxing this warmth is. Simply breathe deeply when the glowing-hot rock sinks into the bucket of ice-cold water and the earth's embers become perceptible...

Be amazed at your body and what a visit to the Cassiopeia Therme can do...

Refuel your health and feel pure well-being in 3,800 m².

This is how the 2000-year-old Roman tradition in Badenweiler comes to life in the Roman-Irish bath. Follow a fixed procedure and gain your own individual experiences. Visit the thermal baths and steam showers with increasing temperatures... You will be amazed at what your body can tolerate – and how it honours it. A rasul bath or a stop in the hamam round off your visit to the Cassiopeia Therme. And maybe you'll treat yourself to a body pack or a peeling? It would be a shame to miss it! Immerse yourself in the Cassiopeia Therme – and let yourself go...

PS: The architecture in the domed bath is breath-takingly beautiful. It combines light and water to a perfect whole!

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